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CAPRI blue hanging lamp by Jeka Metaltryk


Suspension lamp made in Denmark during the 80s by the Jeka Metaltryk A / S label. Capri model nº 1091H, presents a metallic body in mottled blue color, with a structure of superimposed diffuser sheets (which emulate the iconic Poulsen PH), hiding the central light source to achieve blurring without dazzling.

Electric part replaced and working perfectly (with system suitable for both led or filament bulbs) uses a max E27 bulb. 60Watts (if it is filament, or the equivalent in LED for that power). It maintains an excellent aesthetic condition (only mention a slight point with loss of enamel at the vertex of the intermediate dome).

And remember: we have a wide variety of lamps, all of them looking for a unique home like yours ;)

REF: JR22/12

H: 19 cm D: 40 cm



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