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Chest of 5 Drawers MADE IN Denmark


Beautiful Danish chest of drawers made in the 1960s. Here is a design inspired by the extremely elegant creations of Arne Hovmand-Olsen. Made of laminated teak wood, it has a prismatic structure, where all the prominence falls on the beauty of exposed wood. Front organized by five drawers (all with a useful interior height of 9cm) the front of each of them has a pair of handles, with a split circular shape and an equally round central projection. To finish the body, it stands on a stylized frame with four conical legs, made of oak wood, with a lighter tone, to highlight the tonality of the rest of the furniture.

After passing through our restoration department, it presents a very good structural and aesthetic condition (mitigating the slight scars that were distributed throughout the structure).

And remember: practice and beautiful like you ;)

REF: BJ4/18

L: 80 cm H: 85 cm P: 44 cm



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