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Danish Brass Hanging Lamp from Top Lamper

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Original pendant light from the mid-80s, attributed to the Danish label Top-Lamper Aps. Aluminum structure, finished on the outside with an attractive golden color, leaving its inner face blank, thus enhancing its luminosity. The lamp is created from the superposition of several diffusing sheets that hide the central light source, making it not dazzle, a system that Poul Henningsen first created with his iconic PH 5.

Electrical part replaced and working perfectly (with a system suitable for both led or filament bulbs) uses an E27 max bulb. 60W. (if it is filament, or the LED equivalent for said power). It has a good aesthetic condition, just mentioning a couple of stripes on the larger screen (shaped like a 7) and slight signs at the top vertex (both not very visible once hung).

And remember: a lamp that dazzles with its shape and striking finish;)


REF: JR9/11

H: 17 cm D: 40 cm


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