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Danish Extendable Round Dining Table from Skovby Mobelfabrik


Extendable table from the early 70s, model RS18T from Danish label A / S Skovby Møbelfabrik. Made of teak wood, it presents a clean and geometric design (emulating the one popularized by Svend Aage Madsen in its day) with no other ornamentation than the beautiful natural grain of the wood. It consists of a circular envelope, outlined in a curve, which stands on a double central leg pedestal type. In case you want to extend it, it has two additional sheets (which are kept off the table) by inserting one of them (we anchor it with buckles on the back) we will achieve 170 cm in length and 220 cm when inserting the second, becoming ideal for six or eight diners.

After restoring it completely, it presents an excellent structural and aesthetic condition.

And remember: the tabletop and its two wings are marked on its back with the letters A and D (the board) and C, D (the wings) if we place them all, they will have to follow the order for better anchoring ;)

REF: M5235

H: 72 cm D: 120 cm



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