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Danish Lamp for E.S. Horn Belysning

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Model 754 pendant lamp made in the 80s by the firm E.S. Horn Belysning, located at that time in the Danish city of Aalestrup. It has a body made of molded iron sheets, with a white enamel bath. Its structure is made up of two overlapping screens around the light source, in the shape of a conical dome and a cylindrical ring at each end of the lamp.

Aesthetically it is in good condition with minimal signs of wear (like a small scar with loss of enamel and repainted, inside the 2nd dome). Functional electrical part, the cable replaced by a white plastic one, as well as the rosette in the same color and material. It uses a bulb (system suitable for both an LED or a filament) with an E27 socket max. 60W (if it is filament, or the equivalent in LED for that power).

And remember: it will bring a pleasant point of light, with an aesthetic that will give any interior elegance ;)


REF: JR22/11

H: 18 cm D: 44 cm


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