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Danish Leather SuperStar high lounge Chair


High back armchair, created in Denmark during 1973 and baptized with the excessive name of The Superstar. This original suspended-look design is created from a hammock-like structure (made from multiple layers of beech wood and resin, steam-folded to the desired shape) to which a sturdy cotton canvas cover is anchored and on it, in a single piece of leather, the seat next to the backrest; Emulating the iconic Falcon armchair created by Norwegian Sigurd Ressell in 1970 for the Vatne Møbler label.

In very good condition with minimal signs of use. The leather was nourished and hydrated again, thus recovering its natural shine and pleasant original texture.

And remember: its excessive similarity with the Falcon armchair, produced in the mid-1970s a court case, which the Norwegians won, so the production of the Danish Superstar was suspended by the roots ... few were made and you are contemplating one of them ;)

REF: JR8/1

L: 80 cm H: 95 cm P: 80 cm



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