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Danish Palisander Console & Mirror Set by J. Hølmer-Hansen



Elegant foyer set designed in the 70s by J. Hølmer-Hansen, in his workshop in Risskov (district of the Danish city of Aarhus). It consists of two individual modules: a large wall mirror and a small two-drawer console (with a useful height of 8cm); both pieces are made of expressive rosewood laminated wood, with inlaid ceramic mosaic glazed with various shades of blue.

In very good condition with minimal signs in the corners and restored the handle of the right drawer (in its upper part, not visible when closed).

And remember: the measures provided are the mirror, being the chest of drawers 73.5 cm long, 40.5 cm deep and 43.5 cm high.


L: 59 cm H: 115 cm P: 2 cm



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