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Danish Teak Chest of 4 Drawers


Original chest of drawers from the 60s, which, due to the shape of its handles, we venture to attribute to the Danish label Aerthoj Jensen & Molholm. Made of laminated teak wood, it presents a prismatic structure, where all the prominence falls on the expressive shapes that draw the veins of the exposed wood. Front organized in four registers (all of them with a useful interior height of about 10cm). To finish, the body stands on stylized bambi legs (typical of the time that had a conical shape tapering towards the base).

After passing through our restoration department, it presents a good structural and aesthetic condition (the wear it has on the front vertex of the board was mitigated).

And remember: its legs are unscrewable, we will take advantage of this virtue to send it disassembled, thus reducing shipping costs ;)

REF: JR16/4

L: 88 cm H: 82 cm P: 42 cm



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