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Danish Teak Chest of 4 Drawers


Original chest of drawers from the 60s, which, due to the shape of its handles, we venture to attribute to the Danish label Aerthoj Jensen & Molholm. Made of laminated teak wood, it presents a prismatic structure, where all the prominence falls on the expressive shapes that draw the veins of the exposed wood. Front organized in four registers (all of them with a useful inner height of 8cm). To finish the body, it stands on stylized bambi legs (typical of the time that had a conical shape tapering towards the base).

After passing through our restoration department, it is in a very good structural and aesthetic condition (the base of all the drawers was replaced, as well as the slight scars on the right side of the chest of drawers and the front of the two upper drawers ).

And remember: its legs are unscrewable, we will take advantage of this virtue to send it disassembled, thus lowering the shipping costs ;)

REF: JR16/5

L: 88 cm H: 84 cm P: 42 cm



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