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Danish Teak Coffee Table


Elegant piece made in Denmark in the mid-60s. Before your eyes, a coffee table in expressive teak wood, which shows us a simple, beautiful and functional design, a true reflection of the Scandinavian style so admired at the time. It presents a wide rectangular tabletop, highlighting the fine turned molding that outlines the entire edge of it, gently rounding the vertices, which enhances its pleasant organic shape. Finally, we highlight its spiky legs, square cut (narrowing towards the base) and slight inclination.

After passing through our restoration department, it shows a good structural and aesthetic condition, having mitigated its signs of use (by way of slight scars distributed on the board).

And remember: a piece of furniture that exemplifies the virtues of so-called Danish modern design ;)

REF: JR18/11

L: 129 cm H: 54 cm P: 57 cm



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