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Danish Teak Coffee Table

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Elegant piece from the mid-60s, made in Denmark from expressive teak wood. Before your eyes, a two-level coffee table with a simple, beautiful and functional design, a true reflection of the Scandinavian style so admired at the time. It has a wide rectangular tabletop, surrounded by a fine turned molding, which strips it of right angles on edges and corners, giving it a more organic appearance; which, together with the marbling drawn by the grain of the board, create a pleasant visual effect. To finish the piece, it rests on four slender legs, which support an extensive lower magazine rack, with a braided base with cane grid.

In excellent structural and aesthetic condition, with minimal signs of wear.

And remember: a piece of furniture that exemplifies the virtues of so-called Danish modern design ;)


REF: VT5/8

L: 129 cm H: 49 cm P: 51 cm


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