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Danish Teak Desk by Arne Vodder for G.V Møbler


Attractive desk designed during the 60s by Arne Vodder for the GV Møbler label. Made of natural teak laminated wood. A work that reflects the sober elegance of the iconic Danish designer, offering us a piece of furniture characterized by the clarity of shapes and the absence of unnecessary ornaments. The front is made up of a trio of drawers (10 cm useful height) that is replicated on each side (mention that the legroom is 49 cm long by 69 cm high).

It has a masterly structural and aesthetic condition, after being completely restored by our restoration department (in room R, led by the talented Yashira).

And remember: the enormous depth of its drawers surprises, ideal to give you joy when rummaging through them, you find what you thought was lost ;)

REF: M5237

L: 130 cm H: 72 cm P: 75 cm



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