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Danish Teak Extendable Dining Table, 1970s

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Arne Hovmand-Olsen for the Skovmand & Andersen label. A teak structure with simple lines and no other adornments than the beautiful natural grain of the wood. It is composed of a rectangular envelope, which stands on four stylised legs with a circular section. Two wings extend along the short sides of the table, hidden from view under the tabletop surface, allowing you to adapt the size of the table to your needs; with a total length of 204cm, ideal for 6 diners.

Completely restored, its structure is preserved in perfect condition, aesthetically the board has some mark of use (as tiny perforated dots, as it belonged to an old seamstress, not very visible to be hidden between the veins) also mention that the wings have a warmer tone compared to the rest of the table.


REF: M3817

L: 122 cm H: 73 cm P: 82 cm


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