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Danish aluminium gold hanging lamp by Lyskaer Belysning

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Original pendant light from the 70s, attributed to the Danish label LB (Lyskaer Belysning). Aluminum structure lacquered in gold color and interior in white to enhance its luminosity, except for the upper cylindrical shade (which surrounds the point of light) which is colored in orange on its interior face, causing, when the lamp is turned on, that it "stains "in said color the exterior of the larger screen, thus enhancing its unique golden hue.

Fully functional electrical part (the lamp holder as well as the cable and the rosette were replaced by white plastic ones) suitable for both LED and filament bulbs, in the case of the latter, max. 60W (uses one with E27 type socket). Its aesthetic condition is good with slight signs of use (as slight signs on the screen with a larger diameter).

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REF: JR26/4

H: 21 cm D: 42 cm


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