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Danish lamp model 52530 of form light

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Original pendant lamp from the 80s, designed in Denmark by the Form Light label. It is the model nº52530, an elaboration in laminated iron with white enamel, and interior in the same tone to enhance its luminosity, with the exception of the intermediate ring tinted in lilac (this causes the lower dome to be bathed in said tonality when turn on the lamp). It presents a design reminiscent of Poul Henningsen and his iconic PH lamps, based on the superposition of lampshades, of different diameters, around the lamp holder, thus achieving a very pleasant diffused light.

Optimum operation, clean electrical part, replacing cable and rosette (both in white plastic) with a system suitable for both led and filament bulbs; use one of them with E27 thread max. 60Watts (if it is filament, or the equivalent in LED for that power). In terms of aesthetics, it is in very good condition (just mention a tiny loss of enamel at the vertex of the lower dome).


REF: JR23/2

H: 20 cm D: 47 cm


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