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Danish teak lamp by Domus


Large table lamp, original from the 70s, made by the Danish label Domus. This elegant design shows us a pedestal created using solid teak wood blocks, glued together and that after passing through the lathe they acquire the stylized cylindrical shape (ø 11cm) surrounded by a central groove and finished in the shape of a bottleneck. At the top of this pedestal is the double point of light and the large cylindrical shade (covered with a removable, loose fitting lid).

In excellent aesthetic condition, clean and fully functional electrical part (with system suitable for both led or filament bulbs) it uses two E27 bulbs max. 60W. (if they are filament, or the equivalent in led for that power) governed in unison by a rope switch. Mention that the screen was replaced, respecting the original color.

And remember: extremely cozy luminaire, both for its material and its luminosity ;)

REF: LM5264

H: 53 cm D: 45 cm



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