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Extendable Teak Dining Table from McIntosh, 1960s


Extendable dining table designed during the 60s, in the Scottish city of Kirkcaldy, by the seal A.H. McIntosh & Co Ltd. Furniture that emphasizes the beauty of simplicity, with stylized lines that endow it with a light and very elegant appearance. It consists of a rectangular envelope (as its long sides have a sinuous convex cut) with rounded corners and a stitching at the midpoint that reveals an extension of butterfly leaf, reaching 193cm in length when folded.

It presents a very good structural and aesthetic state, with minimal signs of use and an almost imperceptible difference in tone between the extension and the rest of the board.

REF: RA65/1

L: 147 cm H: 73 cm P: 83 cm



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