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Eye Test Chart by AGI IMSA


Original optometer from the 70s made by the late Valencian label Agi Imsa. Luminous panel to measure the index of visual perception, recovered from an old optician in Barcelona. It has a metal body and a glass front, where we see four tables that we can illuminate individually, through an own switch located at the bottom: on the left, the Snellen test (graph that only uses ten letters: B, C, D, E, F, L, O, P, T and Z) a test designed to assess visual acuity. In the upper center, the bichromatic test (if you suffer from myopia, the red color focuses better on the retina, and when there is hyperopia, this occurs with the green color). In the lower center, the hourly circle test (to measure astigmatism). And on the right a variant of the Snellen test, with the same graph in different positions (designed for illiterate young children and adults who do not require letter recognition).

In very good aesthetic condition. All bulbs checked and operational. It works at 220v, it has its plug to connect to the power outlet.

And remember: you can use it as a most striking lamp or to measure the eye capacity of your guests, after a few more drinks ... we attest that it is quite a fun game ;)

REF: S5199

L: 82 cm H: 76 cm P: 13 cm



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