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Floor Lamp by Aro Leuchten Germany

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Floor lamp made during the 70s by the German label Aro-Leuchten GmbH. Made of chromed steel and solid walnut wood. A design with sinuous and harmonic lines, which finds its main focus both in the diffuse and nuanced light that passes through its slender lampshade, as well as in the beautiful turned walnut pieces, which alternate successively with the chromed metal along the neck. .

Functional electrical system (having replaced the wiring) being suitable for both LED and filament bulbs, it works with a E27 max. 60 thread (if it is filament or its equivalent in LED) governed by a foot switch. Aesthetically in very good condition, the screen was replaced respecting the original shape.

And remember: ready to provide you with a warm and welcoming ambient light ... now you just need to find a place for it in your home ;)


REF: LP5588

H: 136 cm D: 25 cm


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