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Floor Lamp model 186 by Temde Switzerland


Original luminaire from the 70s created by the prestigious Temde AG label, a German-Swiss manufacturer based in Detmold (North Rhine-Westphalia) and a subsidiary in Sevelen (Swiss canton of St. Gallen). Made of oak wood and metal, here is model nº186, a beautiful floor lamp composed of a central metal pole (covered in oak wood) and two arms that support the point of light, allowing us to regulate its height and pivot 360º on it. mast axis.

Clean and functional electrical system, being suitable for both led and filament bulbs, it uses two, max. E27 thread. 100 Watts, controlled by a foot switch with sequential ignition (thanks to this you can leave on, independently, one or the other or both at the same time). Its aesthetic condition is good, with scars on the neck, due to the wear suffered by the rubbers that fix the arms (this wear has been corrected) mention that the lampshades were replaced respecting the original color (with cylindrical shape and diameter of 20cm) .

And remember: the mast is removable, we will take advantage of that virtue by packaging it and thus reduce shipping costs ;)

REF: LP5426

L: 53 cm H: 154 cm P: 20 cm



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