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Glass & Golden Aluminum Pendant Lamp from Vitrika


Original pendant light from the 70s, and attributed to the Danish label Vitrika. This peculiar design is created from a central lampshade, made of opal glass, which has wavy shapes on which the various diffuser screens, of different shapes and diameters, settle (without any fixation other than gravity itself), all of them in gold-colored lacquered aluminum. The central light is nuanced by the glass and the arrangement of the lampshades produces light "leaks" that bathe the outer face of the lamp, enhancing its gold.

Functional electrical system, after completely cleaning it up and changing the wiring (being suitable for both led or filament bulbs) uses a max E27 bulb. 60W. (if it is filament, or the equivalent in led for that power). Very good aesthetic condition with minimal signs of use (by way of an almost negligible decrease in gilding, in the vertex of the larger diameter screen).

And remember: Vitrika was founded in 1948 by a salesman, a designer and a craftsman, forming the name from three Danish words "Vi" "Tre" and "Kan" (which translated into Spanish would mean: the three of us can ... let the example spread ;)

REF: JR16/3

H: 25 cm D: 42 cm



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