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Marble epoxy coffee table from APN W. GERMANY


Sophisticated original coffee table from the 70s, made in the former West Germany by the APN label. It is the model 421, with an envelope created from a striking collage of ornamental stones in warm and earthy tones, from marble to sea gravel or the precious agate stone, all of them joined by means of epoxy resin; a technique that made sculptors such as the Dutch Paul Kingma or Etienne Allemeersch fashionable at the time (the first of them worked for the German label). To finish, the top stands on a stylized structure of chrome-plated steel spider legs, which are offset from the corners, to give the table a visual impression of lightness without losing solidity.

It shows a very good structural and aesthetic condition, just to mention that the board shows very slight signs of the passage of time (like a small crack in the resin). Mention that it keeps the seal, under the envelope, which proves its origin.

And remember: we have two identical units, but given their almost artistic elaboration, never identical ;)

REF: M5892

L: 68 cm H: 42 cm P: 63 cm



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