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Mid Century Teak Sideboard by Avalon


Piece made in the United Kingdom, in the early 70s, by the Avalon label. Structure laminated in teak wood, with a style of clear Danish inspiration, where all the charm lies in the expressive natural shapes drawn by the veins. The front of the cabinet is organized in three streets: a double door in the central part (which provides ample storage space with a removable shelf), on the left, a trio of drawers of unequal heights (both the middle and the bottom have 13cm, being the upper one is 8cm, the latter also has compartments and upholstered base) and on the right side another door and interior with a shallower shelf (and removable). To finish highlighting the design of the handles, turned in a single piece of a darker tone, with a peculiar half-moon shape split in the central part.

Aesthetically, after being completely restored, it is in good condition with minimal signs of wear (such as signs on the base of the legs and wear on the guides of the lower drawer, causing a slight collapse of the same).

And remember: sideboards that the front has the horizontal grain cut, apart from being rare, turn out to be very attractive, as shown by the one they contemplate ;)

REF: RA74/10

L: 183 cm H: 72 cm P: 44 cm



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