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Quadrille Teak Nesting Tables by Robert Bennett for G-Plan


Elegant set of three Quadrille nesting tables, designed by Robert Bennett in 1967 for the British label E Gomme Ltd within its prestigious GPlan range. Structure in teak wood with expressive grain, raised on four legs (arched cut in one of its faces) where the fronts are continued in a chambrane until joined with the back legs (as a frame). Its design combines solidity, lightness and formal beauty. The measures that you read in the card belong to the main table (the biggest one). The medium table is: 39cm deep x 48cm long x 45cm high. And the small table: 35cm depth x 43cm length x 42cm height.

Its aesthetic state and structural stability is excellent, admirable being a piece that is around fifty years old.

REF: RA68/4

L: 53 cm H: 49 cm P: 43 cm



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