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Fascinating creation that the Scottish firm A.H. McIntosh & Company launched in 1965 under the heavenly name Eden. Structure in high quality teak laminated wood, it is a piece thought in its day for clients eager for formal simplicity, visual harmony and functionality; qualities all of them that are still valid in this work of noble cabinetmaking and an attractive minimalist finish. The front consists of a set of three drawers (the upper one with compartments for cutlery) and a double door that reveals two replicated individual modules (except for the fixed shelf, which each has a different depth). To conclude, highlight the stylized shapes of its handles, together with the frame of turned legs, joined by a thin crossbar, which raise the structure, cherries to give this captivating design an outstanding score.

After passing through our restoration department, it shows an excellent structural and aesthetic condition (only in the left module there are holes to pass cables).

And remember: here is a rare bird, produced in a very limited edition for a year and more focused on dazzling at the annual fairs attended by the Scottish label throughout the UK ;)

REF: VT6/6

L: 175 cm H: 77 cm P: 45 cm



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