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Original piece stamped on 18 September 1971 by the British firm Jentique Furniture Ltd. Preparation teak, has a front with a trio of drawers (the compartmentalized top) and a double door which houses a large storage module divided by shelf fixed. The body stands on four legs adjustable metal feet, ideal for uneven floors. To finish highlight the elliptically shaped carved handles, which combine functionality and aesthetics to perfection.

Solid without structural damage, maintains a very good cosmetic condition with minimal wear and tear.

And remember: Jentique was founded in the 30s by a pair of toy manufacturers, Bowman Geoffrey Jenkins and his wife Edith. Its artisan origin took him to the manufacturing process of furniture, as evidenced by dialing in all sideboards end date (which were handwritten in pencil on the back of the top drawer, a detail that seems charming;)

REF: RA66/4

L: 168 cm H: 74 cm P: 45 cm



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