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TEAK desk lamp Typ 992 from böckenhauer west germany


Table lamp, original from the 80s, created in the by the Böckenhauer label, which was located in the municipality of Tostedt at that time belonging to the former German Federal Republic. It is the model 992, a warm teak wood elaboration with a simple and extremely elegant design, giving all the importance to the wood and its beautiful grain. It is made up of a turned base with a spherical shape, which supports a luminous cylindrical lampshade lined with linen satin fabric.

Sanitary electrical part, being suitable for both LED or filament bulbs, with E27 type socket max. 60W. (if it is filament or the equivalent led for said power) governed by a hand switch. The aesthetic part is in excellent condition, after being completely restored (mention that the screen was replaced, respecting the original color). Mention that it maintains the original seal under the wooden base.

And remember: luminaire that provides a soft and cozy light, ideal for serene environments ;)

REF: LM5687

H: 47 cm D: 15 cm



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