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Sculptural tiki spirit luminaire produced in the early 1970s by the German-Swiss label Temde Leuchten AG. Its attractive design is contemporary and very similar to that created by the North American Milo Baughman for the Modeline of California label. Made of pine wood, from a cylindrical cut which is "brushed" leaving in relief the narrowest and darkest rings (which are created in the trunk during the dry seasons) until obtaining fine grooves and organic knots throughout the structure ; Three spherical glass tulips come out of it (about 15cm in diameter and with speckles emulating the drops of water).

Revised and working perfectly (with a system suitable for both led or filament bulbs) it uses three E14 max candle bulbs. 45W (if it is filament, or the LED equivalent for said power) controlled by a foot switch. Aesthetically it is in good condition with slight signs of use spread throughout its structure.

And remember: its size makes it suitable for floor or tabletop, being a light with sweeping charm, great presence and light output ;)

REF: LM4888

L: 34 cm H: 74 cm P: 16 cm



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