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Table Lamp by Uno & Östen Kristiansson for Luxus Vittsjö SWEDEN

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Magestuous table lamp designed in the 60s by the Swedish brothers Uno & Östen Kristiansson for the sought-after Luxus Vittsjö label. Pine wood body, it presents a simple and extremely elegant design, giving all the importance to exposed wood and its expressive grain. It consists of a stylized pedestal (with a height of 47cm) that is created from solid wood blocks glued together, to create a single block, which after passing through the lathe acquires the stylized cylindrical shape that they contemplate (ø 12cm) crowned with a sinuous spherical shape. At the top of this pedestal is the point of light wrapped in the wide, slightly conical shade (in beige, made of satin linen fabric).

Replaced and fully functional electrical part (with system suitable for both led or filament bulbs) uses a max E27 bulb. 60W. (if it is filament, or the equivalent in led for that power) governed by a hand switch. Mention that the screen was replaced, respecting the original color. In excellent aesthetic condition (with a slight crack at the base of the pedestal).

And remember: extremely cozy luminaire, both for its material and its luminosity ;)


REF: LM6199

H: 77 cm D: 44 cm


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