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Teak High Board with Sliding Doors for Tv & Hifi by Dyrlund


Beautiful and functional piece made in the early 70's by the Danish label Dyrlund. Structure in laminated teak wood with rounded edges and expressive grain. The furniture that you contemplate here was originally designed to house the television and the VHS or Betamax video player. The front consists of two lines, both with a double sliding shutter door and vertical opening; in the upper part a large storage module (with the following useful measurements: 57cm high, 84cm long by 47cm deep) and in the lower part a lower height module (about 30cm useful) that has a sliding tray and a drawer plus removable shelf. Both compartments have openings, which join them, so that you can pass the cables of your video or audio equipment without problems (the lower one under the sliding shelf).

After passing through our restoration department, it shows a very good structural and aesthetic condition (mention that to stylize its figure, the wheel legs were replaced by typical conics of the time).

And remember: even though it was a piece of furniture designed in its day for a very specific function, surely if its owner so decides, it will find another equally successful utility ;)

REF: RA48/10

L: 105 cm H: 115 cm P: 54 cm



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