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Teak Nest Of Tables GPLAN By E.Gomme ltd.

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Set of three nesting tables entirely made of teak wood, original design from the sixties produced in the English city of High Wycombe by E Gomme Ltd, within its range of GPlan furniture. Prismatic structure raised on two legs with a suggestive shape of a capital I, joined by a slightly curved chambrane. A finish that shows a clear influence of the Danish design of the time.

Solid structure, aesthetic part in very good condition with invaluable signs of use. The measurements you read on the card belong to the main table, the middle one is: 38 cm deep x 46 cm long x 50 cm high. And the small one: a depth of 35 cm x 38 cm in length and 47 cm in height.

And remember: take the furniture matryoshka to your home (a table that houses another table and this in turn a third ;)


REF: VT7/11

L: 56 cm H: 51 cm P: 40 cm


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