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Wall Clock astra quartz by junghans


Original wall clock from the 70s, designed by the German label Junghans, within its Astra Quarz line of clocks. It is the 368/6000 model with a clear Space Age influence with an attractive Ice Glass effect. Made of raw aluminum, plastic and plexiglass. It shows a structure in the shape of a circle, with the hours represented in the same geometric figure, bordered by a molding with a transparent appearance and rough touch, emulating the "ice" effect.

Functional and in good cosmetic condition (just a small bump on the aluminum center circumference). It uses a Hermle Quartz 2100 mechanism, Made in Germany, with an AA-LR6 battery (Size M- 1.5v).

And remember: you will receive it with the battery, courtesy of the house, remember to recycle it when it is used up ;)

REF: S4924

P: 3 cm D: 30 cm



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