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Yellow Sofa Throw Away by Willie Landels for Zanotta


Striking piece designed in 1965 by the Venetian Willie Landels for the Zanotta Italy label. Resistant synthetic leather sofa, in a bright primary color and baptized with the ironic name of Throw-Away (disposable or thrown away) as if it were one of the plastic products designed for single use that proliferated at the end of the 60s Its creator Willie Landelsde (of Italian-Scottish descent) eccentricity made person, was a designer closely linked to the arts, advertising and even editor in the London of the 70s of the fashion magazine Queen Magazine; The one they contemplate was the first sofa made entirely by Zanotta, in polyurethane foam (therefore without an internal structure of wood or metal, or elastic straps or other types of hardware) intended for children's play due to the absence of rigid parts and dangerous, showing us a soft architecture, with a minimalist, balanced and pure appearance, which had a place even in the most sophisticated rooms; undoubtedly a piece of furniture for young people with an unconventional lifestyle and a new way of using the home.

In good structural and aesthetic condition (just mention, on the back of the backrest, a very small seven on the upholstery).

And he remembers: its extraordinary timeless design has made the demand constant and consequently its production continues to this day; but due to the shape of its stamp, we date its production between 1983 and 1987, a period in which this logo was used by the brand ;)

REF: A5999

L: 151 cm H: 56 cm P: 76 cm



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