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danish Floor lamp of DYRLUND


Huge floor lamp designed during the 70s by the prestigious Danish label Dyrlund. It consists of a conical foot (Ø 29cm) from which a cylindrical mast extends, all in solid teak (with an expressive grain) turned with curved shapes inspired by nature, achieving a stylized and elegant appearance. The luminaire is crowned by a slightly conical shade (beige, satin linen fabric; with a practical top cover in the same material and color).

In excellent aesthetic condition, healthy and fully functional electrical part (with a system suitable for both LED and filament bulbs) uses an E27 max bulb. 75W. (if it is filament, or the LED equivalent for said power) controlled by a hand switch located under the lamp holder. Mention that the screen was replaced, respecting the original structure and color.

And remember: a sculptural luminaire that reflects a diffused light ideal to provide us with pleasant and serene environments, like the one you want to achieve in your home ;)

REF: LP5238

H: 166 cm D: 48 cm



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