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mid century Modern TABLE LAMP FROM TEMDE Leuchten


Spectacular table lamp, original from the mid-20th century, designed by the prestigious Swiss-German firm Temde Leuchten AG. Made of metal and walnut wood, it presents magnificent finishes of the utmost elegance: base with carved grid and integrated switch, golden mast with accentuated curve at its zenith and a wooden molding in the central part, together with a double directional ball joint in the two ends of the mast, which allows us to tilt 90º, both the mast and the beautifully patterned screen and trim in gold, matching the metal structure.

Completely restored, sanitized and fully functional electrical scheme (with system suitable for both led or filament bulbs) uses an E27 max bulb. 60W. (if it is filament, or the LED equivalent for said power). As for the aesthetics, we have been able to return it to the excellent condition it had on the first day (mentioning that it retains its original screen in very good condition, a quality that is unusual).

REF: LM5254

L: 40 cm H: 48 cm P: 32 cm



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