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teak coffee table MADE IN ENGLAND

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Attractive piece made in the UK at the end of the 60s, with a design in keeping with the appreciated Danish style so in vogue at the time. Simple lines embodied in teak wood, giving all the prominence to the organic and attractive shapes of its grain. Rectangular tabletop, which on its long sides presents a subtle convex cut (going from 56 to 48cm deep) with slightly sloping edges and a lighter tone (compared to the rest of the body) as well as the four stylized perspective legs. inclined. Finally, a second level works as a practical lower magazine rack.

It maintains a perfect structural and aesthetic condition, just mentioning tiny traces at the base of the legs (which denotes that its previous owners swept without much type).

And remember: its timeless lines and style make it ideal for any modern environment ;)


REF: RA72/6

L: 100 cm H: 47 cm P: 56 cm


390  Add to Cart

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